Payment Card Information Data Breaches: What Business Owners Probably Do Not, But Should, Know.

If your business accepts credit or debit cards, i.e., payment cards, as a form of payment, take note – whether caused by the innocent mistake of an employee or the intentional theft by a hacker, the odds are that you will experience a data breach that compromises the security of payment card information in your business's possession stored electronically as "cardholder data."

Private Client Services - Minority & Marketability Discounts & Asset Protection

In many of the tax bills currently introduced in Congress, there are provisions which would eliminate or severely restrict the use of “minority interest” and “marketability” discounts, which have been utilized for years in both the estate and gift tax areas to reduce the value of interests in closely owned entities in order to save taxes.

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Benefits Alert - Summer 2006

In This Issue:- June 30 Deadline for Bonus Deferral Elections- Beware of 401 (k) Pre-funding- Revised EPCRS Procedures Take Some of the Pain Out of Plan Corrections- EGTRRA Staggered Determination Letter Cycle- Recent Case Bolsters Fiduciary Protection Offered by Independent Fiduciaries- Proposed Dependent Care Expense Regulations Published

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Benefits Alert - Spring 2006

The December 31, 2006 deadline for employers to update employment agreements and plan documents providing nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements in compliance with the new rules under Code section 409A is quickly approaching. In addition, payroll systems must be in place to comply with the new reporting requirements.

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Client Alert - Fall 2005

In This Issue:- Extension of \"Use it or Lose it\" Grace Period Under Flex Plans- HIPPA Security Standards- Outsourcing Leads to Potential ERISA Liability- Proposed Regulations on Code Section 415 Benefit Limitations- 409A Regulations Expected Soon- IRS Issues Audit Guide on Executive Benefits- Federal Credit Union Eligibility to Sponsor 457(b) Arrangements- 22nd Annual Employment Law Update

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