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Cybersecurity Response Team

Cybersecurity is an increasingly critical field. A stolen laptop, credit card data theft, employee embezzlement, or a hacker with access to your company's website or private databases can be a significant threat not only to your clients, but to your valuable reputation as well. Every breach comes with potential liabilities. That's why the Kaufman & Canoles Cybersecurity Response Team is standing by to respond to your company's needs, regardless of your size or industry. You may reach us at any time by calling or emailing our Cybersecurity hotline - (844) 417.3309 or cyberhotline@kaufcan.com. We provide unparalleled legal service, relentlessly advocating for our clients throughout the entire process—from theft prevention to aggressive litigation.

Who We Are

Our Cybersecurity Response Team has command of numerous cybersecurity laws, regulations, standards and related issues. We are experienced in the areas of commercial law, corporate finance, business litigation, government contracts and health care laws and regulations. We have built our team with attorneys across disciplines, each with individual knowledge of technology, e-commerce, information security, health care and litigation. We have active relationships with top quality cybersecurity specialists and forensic experts that provides a comprehensive approach to proactive prevention to a well-orchestrated response should a breach occur. 

What We Do

The Kaufman & Canoles Cybersecurity Response Team recommends a preventative approach by ensuring that our clients are compliant with all internal controls and security measures. This includes laws such as HIPAA and the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as other industry-specific rules and regulations. Preparation is vital.  For health care providers, we have developed a template that enables you to comply with the HIPAA regulations.

Our secondary goal is to help you discover and eliminate system weaknesses, therefore reducing the risk of future cybersecurity breaches. This occurs within the confidentiality of attorney-client privilege, allowing us to bring in specialized IT professionals who can search for hidden vulnerabilities. The technology experts, with their knowledge of leading-edge systems, allow us to assist clients in need of a legally sound and effective data protection plan.  By taking corrective and preventive action, Kaufman & Canoles attempts to avoid future litigation.

Finally, our Cybersecurity Response Team can go to work immediately when the unfortunate circumstance of a breach occurs. We respond promptly with legal advice, assisting your company as it navigates the murky waters of compliance requirements. We guide our clients through the notification process, as well any government investigations. We defend our clients' interests and limit the multiple liabilities in the event of claims. If the hacker is identified, we will aggressively seek damages.

Areas of expertise include:

  •  Breach notification and representation before regulators
  •  Data transfer and representation before regulators
  •  Intellectual property litigation
  •  Trade-secret protection and litigation
  •  Bring your own device (BYOD)
  •  Employee data management
  •  Employer and employee relations and privacy
  •  Government and criminal investigations
  •  HIPAA and HITECH security assessments and audits
  •  Payment credit-card industry data security standards (PCI DSS)
  •  Safe-harbor provisions
  •  Technology export and import controls

Representative Matters

  • Advised multispecialty physician practice on reporting breach of protected health information affecting more than 3,000 individuals
  • Regularly advises physicians, practices, hospitals, and long-term care providers regarding HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures
  • Regularly assists healthcare covered entities and business associates in analyzing potential breaches of protected health information and HIPAA reporting requirements
  • Assist clients with planning and response to breaches of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  • Assist clients with the preparation and review of data breach response plans

Cybersecurity Breach Hotline

In case of a breach, our Cybersecurity Response Team is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to assist you.  Please contact us at (844) 417.3309 or cyberhotline@kaufcan.com


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